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CSS Profile: Supporting Students

Students at your institution come from a variety of backgrounds—and CSS Profile is designed to support them all.

Adapted for All Students

CSS Profile supports international students, allowing them to report financial information in their home currency and ensuring vertical and horizontal student equity within the same country and between countries.

International Students

CSS Profile supports international students by ensuring vertical and horizontal student equity within the same country and between countries.

Graduate/Professional Students

CSS Profile supports graduate and professional programs with additional data regarding student and family contributions to programs.

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See What CSS Profile Offers

CSS Profile provides a streamlined application, making it easy for you to gain a comprehensive and reliable picture of each family's financial strength and communicate early with applicants about potential aid eligibility.

  • An online, responsive, and streamlined application that adapts to an applicant's geography and circumstances.
  • Offers global need analysis, producing outcomes that reflect the family's financial strength in the context of their country's economy relative to the U.S.
  • All financial information is converted to U.S. dollars allowing international students to complete CSS Profile in their home currency.

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