Financial Aid Management

Financial aid can impact your ability to recruit, enroll, and retain your institution's best prospects. Use these tools to help allocate available aid efficiently and fairly.

Powerful Solutions for Financial Aid Professionals

Built by financial aid professionals for financial aid professionals, our integrated tools will help your institution develop equitable, effective, and efficient financial aid programs.

CSS Profile

Better data means better financial aid decisions. With CSS Profile, you can distribute funds in an equitable way for both domestic and international students.

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Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC)

IDOC is a unique service that provides images of documents on our secure website and transmits the data from tax returns directly to you for fast, effective data validation.

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Net Price Calculator (NPC)

Help students determine college affordability with the College Board Net Price Calculator. You'll find the NPC set-up to be quick, easy, and intuitive.

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PowerFAIDS is a comprehensive software solution that automates your financial aid processes, reduces the administrative burden, and improves data accuracy with built-in customizable tools.

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Integrated Financial Aid Solutions

Our suite of tools integrate seamlessly with other systems to help you distribute resources in line with your institutional mission and priorities.

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If you have questions about the latest financial aid research provided by College Board, a member of our financial aid services team will be happy to assist you.