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Use our research and insights to help guide your financial aid decision making and ensure funds are delivered to students who need it most.

Guidance for Financial Aid Professionals

As you develop strategies to manage and distribute financial aid rewards to deserving students, consider the following research and insights to meet your institution’s enrollment and retention goals.

Living Expense Budget

College Board's nine-month and twelve-month living expense budgets show living expense costs by region and metropolitan area. These budgets are provided to assist in developing living expense budgets for independent, off-campus students.

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For current users of College Board Financial Aid Programs and Services, this page provides access to many commonly used links and resources. Some resources, including the Admin Portals and some of our resource centers, will require authorized access and login.

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Financial Aid Research

Review the latest trends and research in financial aid, college pricing, and the benefits of higher education.

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Financial Aid News and Insights

Find All Access blog articles related to financial aid management and the latest changes to FAFSA and its impact on higher education professionals.

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Professional Development and Training

Find College Board events, workshops, and training opportunities developed to help advance the careers of higher education professionals. Explore local, national, international, and online opportunities throughout the year.

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