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Need help managing the enrollment process? Explore College Board’s tools and services designed to guide higher ed professionals through the admissions and enrollment process efficiently and effectively.

Explore Tools and Services for Recruitment and Admissions

College Board offers an array of tools and programs to streamline and expedite your recruitment and admission process.


Find resources to learn more about Admitted Class Evaluation Service™ (ACES) and how you can create your own ACES study to refine your institution’s admissions and placement policies.

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BigFuture College Profile

Explore how prospective students start planning for college and career after high school with BigFuture.

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College Board Search

Engage with prospective students and build meaningful relationships so you can find the best-fit candidates for your institution.

College Board Search


Landscape provides consistent high school and neighborhood information for all applicants to help admissions officers fully consider every student, no matter where they live.

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College Board Assessments

Give prospective students the best chance for success with our time-tested placement tools and assessments, like the SAT, AP, and CLEP.

Professional Development and Training

Find College Board events, workshops, and training opportunities developed to help advance the careers of higher education professionals. Explore local, national, international, and online opportunities throughout the year.

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