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Access and Diversity Advocacy

Explore information and tools that higher education institutions need to develop and implement policies for educational access and diversity.

Access and Diversity Collaborative (ADC)

Effective education policy begins with experts coming together to discuss and develop sound practices that are fair and equitable for all students. The ADC helps advocate for policies that promote access and diversity on college campuses by bringing together thought leaders from across disciplines and providing them with resources that support meaningful policy and practice discussions.

Navigating Race in College Admissions

Get timely information, resources, and guidance from the Access and Diversity Collaborative to help your institution make strategic decisions.

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Race in Admissions

The 2023 U.S. Supreme Court ruling significantly limits how colleges consider race as a factor in the admissions process. Explore the Court's ruling and learn how you can take action now to examine and review your institution’s policies and practices.

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Case Analyses and Guidance

Need a deeper understanding of this issue and its case history? Start with our collection of case briefs and guidance related to access and diversity.

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View of Capitol Hill from the U.S. Supreme Court

Online Training and Tools for Developing Policies and Practices

Browse our webinars and resources designed to help institutions develop evidenced-based policies and practices that achieve diversity-related goals that are legally sound.

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