Supreme Court Ruling on Race in Admission

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On June 29, 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to significantly limit the use of race in college admissions. Get the key details and resources you need from the Access and Diversity Collaborative to make strategic decisions in light of the Court's decision.

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Early Insights: How the SCOTUS ruling is impacting admission policy and practice

Following the Supreme Court ruling, Access and Diversity Collaborative (ADC) sponsors identified the need for insights on how their peers were navigating the new legal landscape. Review results gathered to establish a baseline understanding of policy and practice changes across ADC institutions.

Race-Neutral Strategies in a Post-SCOTUS Environment

Our most recent webinar (June 2024) discusses the legal and enrollment policy landscape following the Supreme Court’s 2023 SFFA v. Harvard/UNC decision, with a focus on “race-neutral” policies that can advance institutional diversity, equity and inclusion interests. This webinar will provide race-neutral strategies and “plays” higher education institutions can consider as they design and implement enrollment policies, focused on recruitment selection and yield initiatives and models of success. 

Webinars and Events

Our webinars and events combine expert analysis with hands-on best practices and discussions from leaders in the field of diversity and admissions. Learn more about the case, issues, and implications by reviewing one of our prerecorded webinars.

Key Resources, Case Documents, and Materials

These materials and publications can support your work as you examine your current policies or move towards race-neutral admission policies in light of the Supreme Court's 2023 ruling. Also, get a better understanding of this issue and the case history with our analyses and guidance on court cases related to access and diversity.

Access and Diversity Collaborative (ADC)

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