Expand Your Reach with Connections

A privacy-forward recruitment tool that helps you reach students taking specific in-school digital tests.

Engage the Next Generation 

The transition to a digital SAT Suite of Assessments provides an opportunity to offer a privacy-forward way for high school students to interact with higher ed institutions and scholarship organizations. With Connections™, you can engage with these students early in their college search process in a way that protects their personal information.

Getting Set Up Is Simple

Eligible institutions with a College Board Access Plan can interact with students in Connections

Start with an Access Plan

Your Access Plan helps you reach millions of high school students with features to match your goals and budget.  

Build a Profile

Your profile introduces students to your institution within the BigFuture® School mobile app.

Define Your Audience

Identify the student pool you wish to engage with on the app. 

Build and Activate a Communication Plan

Once you activate a communication plan, students can discover your content on the BigFuture School mobile app.

Introducing the Connections Analytics Dashboard 

Review your dashboard to gain early insights into how students are engaging with your content in the BigFuture School app and to help you refine your outreach goals.

A laptop open with a sample view of the Connections Analytics Dashboard showing on the screen

“There are only a few moments when young people are truly open-minded about their college search process, and the moment a student receives their scores is one of them. Getting our messages to students in the same space as them has the potential to help students aim higher and reimagine what's possible.”

Enrollment Leader at Private Institution

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